Caspar Babypants makes you want to ‘Sing Along!’

It’s about time! That was my first thought when I opened up my mailbox not too long ago to discover that I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Caspar Babypants’s new album, Sing Along!, which releases on August 16. I kid you not, my toes automatically started tapping as I perused the track list. My family has been a fan of Caspar Babypants since he released his first children’s album, ‘Here I Am!’, in 2009. My daughters have put his previous three albums into their bedtime music rotation, ensuring they hear him at least once a week as they drift off to sleep. I’m excited that I’ve gotten to introduce him to my baby as well, who already has good taste in music and coos happily to his music. Caspar has also accompanied us on many a road trip, leading our family sing-alongs, so it’s more than appropriate that he titled his latest offering ‘Sing Along!’

Caspar Babypants cannot disappoint you. His music is familiar without being boring, simple without being annoying, and manages to introduce new genres of music to your child without overdoing it. On ‘Sing Along!’, the songs have a distinct answer and call feel, encouraging listeners to -what else?- sing along. Once again, Caspar Babypants mixes the old with the new, rewriting classic favorites with updated lyrics, which blend perfectly with his original tunes. Trust me, in no time you will be singing ‘My Flea Has Dogs,’ ‘Funny Bone,’ and ‘Me and My Echo’ and you’ll be happy doing so!

Caspar Babypants brings a lot of outside talent to this album, namely friends and family. His wife, Kate Endle, designed the album art, and helped him write two songs as well. Weird Al Yankovic busts out an accordion solo in ‘Long Long Dream’ (which I should mention is my oldest daughter’s favorite on the album) and Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard played bongos on several songs. Frances England lent Caspar her vocals, as did his bandmates Ronald Babyshoes and Frederick Babyshirt. As they say, the more the merrier and all that contributed to ’Sing Along!’ certainly helped make it merrier indeed!

Take my advice and purchase a copy of ‘Sing Along!’ on August 16. You can buy it through CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and Visit Caspar’s website and find a show near you so you (and your kiddos) can see him perform live. You’ll be hooked, just like we are!


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