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Birthday Guide

We’re big fans of birthday parties, and we take it many of you are too, since we got a lot of requests for this page! While we haven’t personally had birthday parties for our kiddos at these places, we think they sound like fun and hope they help you out. In the meantime, we’re planning a very special episode of ‘My Super Sweet 16′ on MTV for our darling daughters. Look for it in fourteen years! They’ll be the ones demanding that Lourdes (you know, Madonna’s kid) sings at their party and asking for a flying car (after all, it will be 2021 – surely we’ll have flying cars by then).

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Animal parties

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well, more like cougars and fishies and snakes. But kids love animals and these places can help make a memorable party.

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Arts and Crafts parties

This kind of party is for your creative kiddo. There are tons of crafts to try- beading, painting plates, even blowing glass ornaments- and every kid gets a party favor they made themselves! All of the materials are provided as part of the package and there is free instruction for beginners. They will set-up and clean up, but you usually need to provide decorations and food (if allowed).

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Bowling parties

Strike! And I mean that in a good way. Rent some lanes at a cool bowling alley and let your kids have a retro birthday bash. Bring the cake and order some pizza and let the good times roll!

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Farm Parties

All of these parks and farms are fantastic enough, but they host birthday parties too! Each place offers something different but I have to say I think Pony Paradise Rides would be a ton of fun. I know my kiddo would never in a million years get on a pony, so that means that I would have more time to ride!

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Gym parties

We’ve heard rave reviews about parties thrown at these establishments. For the most part all you have to do is remember to pick up the birthday cake from Costco (and if you actually bake your own cake, we don’t want to hear it – we have enough guilt!). Decorations, activities, and more are taken care of; occasionally you can even get invitations and favors thrown in.

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