Sea-Tac Airport with kids

Traveling is hard enough as it is.  Add kids to the mix and it can be downright grueling.  Here are a few secrets of Sea-Tac Airport that can help make travelling with kids a little easier. 

Find a playspace to get the wiggles out  

If you need a place to keep the kids occupied while you wait for your delayed flight to arrive, head over to the Children’s Play Area in the Central Terminal, on the way to Concourse A (here is a map of the terminal).  The area offers 1,400 square feet of soft climbing toys (imagine the playspace at Bellevue Square with an aviation theme) and play space, with a family restroom and a private room with rocking chairs perfect for nursing in privacy. 

Find some food, 24 hours a day  

Sometimes you get to the airport for an early flight or your plane lands late, and you find there is nothing open.  Of course, this is exactly when your kids are the hungriest, so you need some relief.  Fortunately, Sea-Tac Airport does have a few options- five, to be exact.  Here are the only 24 hour eateries inside the airport:

 Qdoba Mexican Grill- located in the Central Terminal; serves fresh Mexican food, made-to-order, including a breakfast menu.

Maki of Japan- located in the Central Terminal; serves Japanese food including sushi rolls, sushi combo platters and hot chicken, pork and beef items.

Starbucks- located on the ticketing level of the Main Terminal behind the Alaska Airlines ticket counter; serves baked goods, salads and sandwiches, and, of course, coffee.

Alki Bakery/Hudson News- in Baggage Claim directly across from Carousel 7; serves Euro Café coffees, baked goods, salads, sandwiches and snacks as well as magazines, newspapers, books, travel accessories and other convenience items.

Dilettante Chocolates and Mocha Cafe- located in the Central Terminal; serves chocolates and pastries, as well as a full service espresso bar and mocha beverages.

Find a family restroom

Sometimes you have a little one who needs a bit more help in the bathroom, or you need a big bathroom to keep your kids with you while YOU take care of business.  Sea-Tac has you covered.  Large, private family restrooms are available on Concourses A, B, C and D and in the North and South Satellites, as well as on both the ticketing and baggage claim levels of the Main Terminal.

Find some movies for entertainment

These days, everyone has a portable DVD player to keep occupied on the flight.  Don’t have one?  Forgot yours?  Need some new movies?  You are covered on all fronts. 

Just need some new movies? You can buy a “disposable” DVD from Hudson News booths or at Hudson Booksellers.  They cost $5.99 and after 48 hours they just stop working, but you can watch them as much as you like during that time.  Then just drop them in the plastic recycling bin.  (How do they work?  When the are taken out of their sealed bags, contact with the air causes them to “expire.”)

If you also need a portable DVD player, you can rent one at InMotion Entertainment.  Located on Concourse C and open from 6 am- 10 pm,  you can pick up a player and some movies at the Sea-Tac location, then return it all to another branch at your destination airport (or you can mail it back to them with a prepaid shipping package). You can pick it up when you arrive or reserve one ahead of time for your trip by visiting .

Maps of Sea-Tac Airport, click here.

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