DIY Postcard Passport and Travel Journal

As road trip season gets into high gear, I have been gathering up ideas for keeping everyone interested and engaged on the road. One thing I have searched for is some sort of clever travel journal, something along the lines of a passport that could be stamped. I didn’t find what I wanted- so I came up with something myself!

The Postcard Passport and Travel Journal

-Metal ring that opens (like for holding recipe cards)
-Hole puncher or craft punch
-Adjustable date stamp
-Rubber stamps
-Pencil box
(I found everything I needed at Michael’s Craft store)

As you travel along your journey, collect postcards from your stops. When the kids get back in the car, have them write a few thoughts about the destination and the trip on the back of the card.

If you have rubber stamps, add some decoration, like a shell for a trip to the beach or a fish for an aquarium visit.

Use the hole punch to make a hole in the corner of your postcard. I used a star-shaped craft punch for fun. Attach the postcard to the metal ring.

With the adjustable date stamp, imprint the date you got the card to make the whole thing official!

The result is a growing souvenir of your journeys. You can find postcards in all sorts of unexpected spots, like donut shops and movie theaters. You can use a new ring for every trip or just keep adding to the same ring.

Now start collecting memories!


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