Woodinville City Guide


Gold Creek Trout Farm
15844 148th Ave. NE Woodinville WA 98072
Phone: (425) 483-1415
Website:   http://www.goldcreektroutfarm.com/
Age: All
Cost: Depends on the fish you catch

Is fishing something you remember fondly from when you were a kid? Why not introduce your own small fries to the tradition? Here is a stocked trout pond right nearby. They provide the pole and bait. No catch and release is allowed.

Just For Kids at Molbaks Garden Store
601 13625 NE 175th St. Woodinville, WA 98072
Phone: (425) 483-5000
Website:  http://www.molbaks.com
Age: 4 and up
Cost: Varies

I tried to come up with some clever joke about not having a green thumb, but I couldn’t come up with anything good and gave up. Instead, this time I will play it straight and just give you the details. At Molbaks, another local treasure, your kids can grow their own green thumbs at Just For Kids activities on several Saturdays a month. Things like planting seeds and trees are just a few of the activities they can do. Plus, you can shop the 15 acres of flowers and supplies and head home with a green treat for yourself.


Nest Drop-Off Hourly Childcare
17530 132nd Ave NE Suite B in Woodinville
Phone:  425-415-NEST
Website:  www.thenestkids.com
Age:  2-6 years; parents night out:  2-9 years
Cost:  Start at $8 per hour with one-time family membership fee of $20

Your kids need some fun, plus you need some time- maybe to run some errands, do a little work, go to a movie.  What do you do?  Well, there is a great option in Woodinville.  Nest is a new hourly childcare play-center geared for 2-6 year olds that is extremely flexible without being extremely expensive.  It is really beautiful.  The space is divided into rooms with different themes that allow kids to be active, creative, even relax if they want to!  With circle time, snack time and lots of great play available, it feels like a really welcoming preschool, and my 4 year old instantly fell in love with it and had a blast.  The staff is very gentle and caring with the kid, and are great if your child is struggling with separation issues (they will even call you to let you know your kid is ok!).  Plus, every Friday and Saturday, Nest hosts Parents Night Out for kids 2-9 years old so you get a date night, the kids get fun.  Oh, and best of all, they even change diapers!


Northshore Sports Complex
19250 144th Ave NE Woodinville, WA 98072
Phone: (425) 485-3238
Website:  http://www.northshoresportscomplex.com/
Age: old enough to bat
Cost: $25 for 30 min. of batting cage

How about getting you little one ready for the big leagues? At the Northshore Sports Complex you can rent a batting cage for your kids to practice hitting it out of the park! You (or someone else) need to be there with them to feed the balls into the machines. They also have lessons and birthday parties.


Pony Paradise Pony Rides
8107 224th St SE, Woodinville, WA, 98072
Phone: 1-800-753-PONY (7669)
Website: http://www.ponyparadiserides.com/
Cost: $20 for 30 minutes
Age: All ages

Oh, I’m so excited I found this one! It is so cute! Take your kids on a pony ride, on real ponies- and not just in circles! They have a 2.5 acre pasture with logs and hills and paths that they walk the pony around. Your little one gets 30 minutes of pony time for just $20- or split the time between two kiddos. Or have your playgroup or birthday there for an hour- while one kid is on the pony, the others jump in a bouncy house (5 kid min., $10 per kid for one hour). Best part? Say you want to do it this afternoon, they usually just need a half hour advanced notice to set up.  Did I mention 7 days a week? How amazing is that?




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