Park of the Week: Ebright Creek Park in Sammamish

As a somewhat new resident to Sammamish, I’ve been spending time this summer getting used to my new town. With kids, this means visiting all of the local parks to determine which one is our favorite. Our most recent park adventure took us to Ebright Creek Park, which was absolutely beautiful. Once again I can’t help but be impressed with the quality of parks we are spoiled with on the Eastside!

Ebright Creek Park sits on twelve acres and is relatively new, completed in 2007. To get to the play areas and covered picnic shelter, you need to walk on a cool boardwalk that takes you over the park’s namesake, Ebright Creek. This creek is the only salmon-bearing creek in the area and is home to a variety of salmon such as Coho and Sockeye. The walk itself is beautiful, giving you a perfect view of the wetlands you’re crossing. My daughters raced through this area, of course, because their prize was in sight: The playground! Who cares about nature’s beauty when there are swings to be swung and things to climb?

The playground at Ebright Creek Park is fairly large and divided into sections, for older kiddos and younger kiddos. The playground for older kids made me a little nervous because it is tall. Not outrageously tall, but taller than I’m used to at playgrounds.  The area by the metal slide (which at first had me thinking of burned legs on hot days until I remembered there are so few hot days here) is pretty open, so I could imagine kids tumbling to the ground. But that’s me and my anxiety, right? My daughters loved this play area and climbed it for quite awhile, went down both slides, and had a great time. The toddler playground is the typical kind: Smaller, safer, and all that. My kiddos were interested in trying to fling themselves off the other one. But I can see my youngest playing at the toddler playground happily when she’s a little older.

I didn’t check out the bathrooms but they are housed in what looks like a nice, clean facility. I was actually impressed to see how nice it looked. There are plenty of benches to sit on, lots of shady grass areas under trees, and a covered picnic area. There’s a huge lawn for kiddos to run and play games on, too. The parking lot is a good size, so no need to worry about not finding a spot. All in all, Ebright Creek is a pretty cool place to go with your kiddos!

Ebright Creek Park
1317 212th Avenue Southeast


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