Best of the Eastside 2011- Rules


The voting process will take place in two parts:  nominations and voting.

Nominations will run from February 28, 2010 to March 11, 2010.

Official voting will run from March 21, 2010 to April 1, 2010.

Nomination Process

During the nomination process, voters may nominate any business or activity located on the Eastside, as defined by the Staff of Ruby Slipper Guide.

Any nomination that falls outside the scope of the category or geographical area defined as the Eastside will deleted.

Any qualified business or activity that receives at least 10 nominations will automatically be added to the official voting ballot for the voting process.

Additional businesses or activities may be added to the official voting ballot at the discretion of Ruby Slipper Guide Staff.

Official Voting Process

Individuals are allowed to vote one time only. Multiple entries will be deleted.

Any write-in votes that fall outside the scope of the category or geographical area defined as the Eastside will be deleted.

Keep it clean! This is a family-friendly website and contest, after all!

Each business or activity is allowed to win in one category only.  Should a business or activity win in more than one category, they will be awarded the category in which they receive the largest percentage of votes.

Contact information must be entered for the entry to be valid. We will not under any circumstances share your information.  Information collected will be used only for the purposes of this contest and it will be deleted upon completion of the contest.  Promise!

All entries become the property of Ruby Slipper Guide, LLC.

Employees and immediate family members of employees of Ruby Slipper Guide, LLC are ineligible for this contest (darn!)

Businesses are allowed to encourage patrons to vote for their establishment.

All winners of the contest, from businesses to the grand prize winners, will be notified by April 22, 2010.

Winners will be announced in the newsletter, on, and in a press release announcing the results.  Winners may be asked to provide quotes for press materials.

Winners of the grand prizes are responsible for any tax liability related to their prize.

To be eligible to win the grand prize, voter must be registered to receive the free Ruby Slipper Guide newsletter.  No purchase is required.

Only residents of the state of Washington may win a grand prize.  Non-residents are allowed to complete a survey, although they are not eligible to win any prizes.

Fraudulent votes, as determined by the staff of Ruby Slipper Guide, LLC, will be deleted.  Warning will not be given.  At no time will vote counts be made public.  Seriously, don’t cheat.  It makes us mad.

All decisions of the Ruby Slipper Guide, LLC staff are final.  We mean it.

Got it?


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