‘Time Out To Rock’ by The Not-its! is a rockin’ good time

The summer of 2010 is fabulous for parents and kids. There are a lot of great albums coming out, including a new one from the Seattle-based band, The Not-Its! Titled Time Out To Rock, the album will have you doing just that; one listen and you’ll discover that you and your kids will be dropping everything to get up and rock out.

Time Out To Rock follows their successful debut, We Are the Not-its!  The Not-Its! aren’t here to ease your child into sleep with peaceful lullabies. Instead, the group strives to be your child’s first rock-n-roll experience and they manage to do so without grating on the nerves of parents. Songs by the Not-its! sound like they could be on your local alternative radio station, if one existed for kids.

Stand outs on this album include the title track, “Time Out to Rock,” “Accidentally,” “Say It Loudly,” and “Only Kids Can See.” In the first, the Not-its! perfectly capture the frustration kids feel when hearing parents say those typical parent phrases over and over, like “Clean up your room! Just listen!” The solution? Take a break, Moms and Dads, and take a second to step back and rock out! It helps, you know, in case you were wondering.

“Accidentally” is a terrific way for kids to explore their emotions when things go wrong, like if a child bumps into another or breaks a friend’s toy. The anger, embarrassment, and need to blame someone are strong in those situations, but the song helps kids understand about accidents and how to handle the aftermath. With “Say It Loudly,” kids can learn how to handle schoolyard bullies and conflicts with friends. Don’t be surprised when you hear your kids start saying, “Stop now! I don’t like that!” while playing at the park or with friends.

“Only Kids Can See” is a great song about how vivid a child’s imagination can be. It’s a fabulous reminder to parents of how their child’s mind works, with examples of a coat in the dark becoming a monster. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself remember your own childhood imaginings fondly.

“Time Out to Rock” will be available July 20, but you can pre-order your copy now (which is highly recommended!). A visit to The Not-Its! website lets you listen to the album in case you need further nudging.

Oh, and if you think their music is great on a cd, then you need to take your kiddos to one of the Not-Its! concerts. Their website lists upcoming shows, but a few worth noting are “Eats & Beats” at KidsQuest Children’s Museum in Bellevue on July 24th and the “Seattle Presents” concert series at City Hall at noon on July 29th.


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