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Gondola at Crystal Mountain (with Dohertys) 2013-07-13 074

Crystal Mountain gondola: Hit the slopes this summer

If you’re stuck in a rut and want to get out of town for a day, have you considered going to Crystal Mountain? Yes, that Crystal Mountain, the one known for skiing. There may not be much snow (but yes, there are still patches of it here and there) but the gondola is running and [...]

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DIY Postcard Passport and Travel Journal

As road trip season gets into high gear, I have been gathering up ideas for keeping everyone interested and engaged on the road. One thing I have searched for is some sort of clever travel journal, something along the lines of a passport that could be stamped. I didn’t find what I wanted- so I [...]

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enchanted forest mushrooms

Road Trip: Enchanted Forest

With summer closing in, many families are planning vacations to fill the long, hot months before school starts up again.  For families with younger kids, most theme parks don’t work very well- too scary, too grown-up, not too good for little ones.  But if you have kids under 8, you are in luck.  Just 4 [...]

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cascadiakidssite offers travel advice for local families

The Eastside is a beautiful place full of lots of great family things to do.  But sometimes, the best part about the Eastside is how close it is to so many other wonderful places to visit.  If you are looking for ideas on where to take your family for a quick getaway, there is a [...]

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Not quite Disney: Theme park road trips from the Seattle area

I really enjoy amusement parks.  I know there are people who can’t stand them, and I understand that.  And I would never do only amusement parks for my vacations, but the occassional day of rides can be a lot of fun.  And kids, of course, love them. The biggest problem for us here in the [...]

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Sea-Tac Airport with kids

Traveling is hard enough as it is.  Add kids to the mix and it can be downright grueling.  Here are a few secrets of Sea-Tac Airport that can help make travelling with kids a little easier.  Find a playspace to get the wiggles out   If you need a place to keep the kids occupied while you wait [...]

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