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A weekend without kids

One evening about a year ago, I was at a Book Club meeting when one of the ladies suggested that we go away for a weekend. “Somewhere that we can just relax and drink and not worry about kids!” she exclaimed. Everyone was on board and began shouting out ideas – everyone but me, that [...]

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Little Miss Independents

A funny thing happened this September: School started. Ok, maybe it’s not that funny or even unusual since this school thing happens every September. For me, however, it was unusual. All three of my kids were in school. There I go again, being dramatic. Fine – the youngest started preschool and is only there two [...]

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My secret saga

One thing that never fails to annoy me about Facebook are the game status updates that always pop up on my newsfeed. I always know who is playing what, what their scores are, and there’s usually an invite to join them. Friends, if I wanted to play slots, I would go to Vegas, not pretend [...]

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Hotels + Kids = Disaster

  There was a time when I loved staying in a hotel. Loved it. It represented relaxation, freedom, and depending on the quality, a little bit of luxury. When I was a kid and traveled with my family, we would occasionally watch the hotel movies. Once we had room service and ordered ice cream sundaes. [...]

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Here we go again… the terrible twos

 When my last child was born, she held a special place in my heart. She was our last baby and between that and her far from perfect arrival into the world, I’ve always looked at her differently. I don’t favor my children, mind you, but I am a little more protective of her. I’ve enjoyed [...]

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The tooth, the whole tooth – uh, maybe not

 Since having children, I’ve been forced to deal with some disgusting situations. Blowouts that go up to the neck, split lips, infected ear lobes from earrings, vomit, intestinal issues. The list goes on. For the most part I can handle the grossness. Do I love it? No, of course not. But it doesn’t make me [...]

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