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Lexie has lived on the Eastside for over ten years. She was born and raised in Seattle. She has one child and she enjoys genealogy and Jason Bateman.
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Goodbye and Thank You!

Dear Readers of Ruby Slipper Guide, After 7 years of running Ruby Slipper Guide, with weekly newsletters, blogs, and holiday guides, we have decided it is time for us to take a break.   We will leave the website up as a resource, but we will no longer be sending out newsletters or updating it. To [...]

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The Bad Parent Files

Parent teacher conferences are weird. They are performance reviews for a job you didn’t do. They are not about you and all about you at the same time. And they are terrifying. After arriving too early for ours (“Oh no!  We’re early!  Did the teacher see us?  She spotted us!  Act casual as we look at [...]

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Shopping traps… trips

I was at Rite Aid today and saw a pack of Garbage Pail Kids.  You know, those trading cards from the mid-1980′s featuring children modeled after Cabbage Patch Kids but given inappropriate names like Leaky Lindsey and Potty Scotty.  They are disgusting and rude.  And I was *this*close* to buying them. For my daughter. Ok, [...]

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Code Food!

“Code Food!” my husband whispered in a panicked voice.  “We have a Code Food!” I looked at him, his eyes filled with worry.  I looked at my watch:  12:45 pm.  Way past lunch time.   I looked at my husband again, and together we turned to look at my daughter.  We were afraid. Code Food is [...]

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Dip your toes in the river at Tolt-Macdonald Park in Carnation

The Eastside is full of hidden gems, beautiful little nooks where you can relax and enjoy everything the Northwest has to offer.  Here is another for you:  Tolt-Macdonald Park in Carnation. Just a minute away from the popular Remlinger Farms, Tolt-Macdonald Park is nestled onto the banks of the Tolt River.  “Nestled” isn’t really the [...]

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Don’t Cry For Me (I’m already crying for your kid)

Don’t invite me to your child’s recital.  Or dance performance.  Or swim meet.  I’m going to cry.  Don’t invite me to their poetry readings or moving up ceremonies or God forbid, their weddings.  I will cry, cry, cry. I can’t help it.  Something changed in me when I became a parent.  Now, when I see [...]

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